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Volunteer Opportunities


USHER/Fellowship Host

  • Arrive at church about 15 minutes early to greet people arriving and hand out bulletins & serve snacks and beverages after church.  

  • Pass the collection plate during the service, and on the way back to the front, the usher carries the sacrament to the altar.

  •  Make a count of all the humans in the building. 

  • After the service the Usher should fill out the Usher Count Sheet and place the collection in the safe in the church office.

  • Coffee will already be set up, so you just need to switch the pot to ‘brew’.

  • Use paper goods or the church’s dishes – your call!

  • Clean the tables, counters, & dishes you used before you leave.

  • Not a baker? Not to worry!  The snacks are provided for you!  They will be in the church kitchen on Sunday morning.



During a typical Sunday service the lay reader simply reads the first 3 passages from the lectionary.  The passages are emailed the Wednesday before the service so there is plenty of time to look over them. Anyone who has opened the bible knows it does not read like a children's book.  Don't be intimidated by the unusual 5+ syllable words and names of people and places, even the most veteran lay reader stumbles from time to time.  


Altar server

Be an altar server! Or, as Fr. Kevin likes to call it: ecclesiastical gopher. Go for the Gospel book. Go for the water. Go for the offering plate. You will get to assist in multiple ways during the service in a role that is both important and easy to learn. Anyone can be an altar server - all you need is a willingness to serve and a desire to glorify God through your actions.


Church School Helper

Help Miss Christina during her church school lessons which take place during Sunday worship.  She does the planning, you are just an extra pair of hands!

Get to know the amazing children in our midst while serving God!


choir member

  • Meet in the sanctuary at 9:00am Sunday mornings to practice.

  • Lead the hymns and special music during the 9:30am service.

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